About Me

My name is Sarah, I am 17 year old student from Northern Ireland. 

I study A-levels in History, English, Religion and ICT. I hope to study Fashion Management and Marketing in Scotland. That is the dream. 

This blog was born in August 2010, but only as a platform for me to keep updated and organise all the blogs I love reading together. I never thought I would start to write my own posts. However in November 2011, I caught the blogger bug, and sat down and wrote my first blog post. Since then I have continually updated my blog. I would like to think of my blog as an extension of myself. Its a place where I can write what I am loving, what im not, what interests me, what things inspire me and a place for me to help others by sharing tips and tricks. 

In my spare time Im studying (unfortunately) however after studying I like to read, watch films, read blogs, read magazines, draw, take photographs and have fun. 

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